TKG Training Program

Daily workouts done at home, minimal equipment, maximum results.

Tyler Kluver Garage Training is built for the every day person who wants above average fitness. For people who lead busy lives, but still care about a healthy, functional body.

Workouts are 30 Mins or Less

All workouts can be done from HOME

Workouts target Cardio AND Building Strength

Equipment Required:

  • Pair of dumbbells
  • Jump Rope
  • Resistance Bands

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1-on-1 Coaching

Hire me to help you reach your goals with exercise and nutrition!

Using my background in Exercise Science(Bachelors Degree), personal training(CFL-1, ACE CPT), nutrition(CFN), and most importantly almost a DECADE of personal trial and error, I am equipped to help you reach your fitness and health goals. I love nothing more than getting to know new clients on a personal level and figuring out the PERFECT program that is going to lead them to success! Everyone is different, and finding exactly what works for you is just a click away. 

  • Completely unique workouts written for you, tailored to what you enjoy, and what will get you results!
  • Personalized nutrition plan and calorie breakdown to help you lose fat, lose weight, gain muscle, or gain strength!
  • Weekly check in calls to keep you accountable and consistently stay ahead of the game!
  • Progress tracking to show where we start, how quick we progress, and how far we can go!
  • Direct access to me by phone/email 24/7 to give tips, advice, and answer questions!
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Long Snapper Training

Work with me one on one to learn the ins and outs of long snapping

After leaving High School as the 2nd rated Long Snapper in the country, and winning the biggest special teams camp in the nation, I played as an Under Armour All American before arriving in Iowa City. Once there, I put together 4 years as the starting LS for the Hawkeyes, and now hold the record for most consecutive starts at any position in Hawkeye history. 
  • Fundamental training, learning step by step the art of snapping the football
  • Specific feedback on what your personal progression should be, and where you can make the most improvement
  • Drills to work on how smooth your ball looks, how fast it flies, and where it ends up
  • Tips and tricks on the ‘Specialist Mindset’ and how to deal with the mental game
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On Demand Programs

Run one of my fixed length programs front to back like the 30 Day Fast Fit or Just Win Today Challenge. 

Challenge yourself for 30 days to overhaul your health habits OR grab a program that’s specified to a fitness goal like increasing hypertrophy, strength, or building a certain muscle group. Programs coming soon include:
      -Dumbbell Only
      -Bodyweight Only
      -Half Marathon
      -5k Prep
      -And More!!”